About Us

Kite Constellations | 36 x 36 In | Oil on Wood | 2019

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: keep art alive & help artists get their foot into the industry. It’s no secret the art world is mysterious and sometimes hard to navigate, especially when it comes to selling and getting your work seen by the public. That’s why we’re here. We work closely with our artists and partners to sell, display, collaborate and celebrate the hard work these creative individuals put in to tell their own story and be a voice for others. We are constantly looking for new talent from any background and any medium to grow our community and to let art thrive.

Who We Are

The Art Codes is a passionate management team advancing emerging artists careers, and helping them break into an evolving industry. We specialize in partnerships with our network of staging companies, hotels, art galleries, non-profit organizations, and sports associations. Aside from traditional art, our artists work closely with popular brands to collaborate on active wear, pop-up event design, and even high fashion lines. We represent artists on a global scale, and currently have talent located in New York, Houston, Miami, Mexico, Peru, Canada and the Cayman Islands. Artists have the option of selling, leasing, or renting their work of any kind. The Art Codes takes pride in the fact that we represent a variety of artists from various countries in order to push diversity in style, cultural influences, and to help share artists stories with a broader audience.  

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