Babbu The Painter

Babbuthepainter is a Toronto based creative, entrepreneur and the founder of her globally recognized style of modern desi diaspora pop-art. Babbu has manifested the unheard voice of young South Asians worldwide through her art. She has exhibited her work at the Wallace Collection Museum and The Oxo Tower Wharf in London and more. She has furthered the footprint of South Asian creatives by being featured in shows like The Mindy Project and through brand collaborations with Absolut, Adidas, Anamika Khanna, Canon, Converse, Fenty Beauty, Footlocker, L’OrĂ©al Hair, Refinery29, and Skillshare to name a few.
“I was born in India and raised in Canada as a Punjabi Indo-Canadian and felt pulled between two cultures. The mesh of these two cultures is what I want my work to showcase. Not conforming to the society-driven structure of choosing a singular identity is fueled by the confidence I feel in my fine-art education. My life is my art and I will always champion for sharing the underrepresented Brown story.”
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