Bill Claps

Bills Claps is a New York based artist creating unique photo-based mixed media artworks from sources that vary from language and code, calligraphy, Chinese landscape paintings, Japanese woodblock prints, the human figure and appropriated images from contemporary art. Claps has two main series of work: “Natural Abstractions” and “It’s All Derivative”. The two series have distinct, contrasting imagery while united by his unique practice of combining multiple mediums together.

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“Natural Abstractions” is Claps’ homage to traditional Chinese Painting and Japanese master printmakers of the 18th century, whose graphic styles influenced the European Impressionists. The process begins with photographs taken in varied forests and mountains around the world which are processed digitally, printed in black and white with a layer of gold foil which he then paints into the images.

Campbellā€™s Soup | Mixed media on canvas | 40" x 30" | 2014
Nanzenji Temple Tree | Mixed media & gold leaf on canvas | 33" x 43" | 2019
Joshua Tree I | Mixed media & gold leaf on canvas | 36" x 48" | 2018
Jackie | Mixed media & gold foil on canvas | 54" x 44" | 2013
Van Cortlandt Oaks II | Mixed media & gold leaf on canvas | 35" x 30" | 2020
Huangshan Gorge II (section) | Mixed media & gold leaf on canvas | 18" x 44" | 2018