Jonathan Desrosiers

Being born and raised in New York I’ve always had a large range of influences; my mother was a teacher and my father a prolific Haitian musician. From early on in my childhood my parents encouraged me to express my creativity. At a young age I began to draw pictures on my walls, and to my surprise my parents embraced it and helped cultivate my creativity.

Painting came to me much later when I was mentored by a Graffiti Artist from Rhode Island by the name of Ariel Cruz at 22 years old. I was originally his graphic designer, but he taught me techniques and methods that I use today as a painter.

Murals and large canvas’ were the beginning of my outlet for painting, and I soon implemented my knowledge of design so they would co-exist. I look to influences like Murakami, Tristan Eaton, Kaws and Japanese Sakuga Artists, as well as Jazz artists like Chick Corea, Thundercat and the art of Jazz itself. The use of movement, spontaneity and freshness has always captivated me and led me to view life and art in different ways.

Today I have a firm understanding of design and use it to flourish my art. Understanding technicalities and my talent, I integrate all that I’ve learned with my drive to inspire youth & share my experiences. My art is a testament of the influences of my past, and the drive that I use daily to live.

Grace Jones | 4' x 5' | Acrylic on Canvas | 2019
Kobe Mural | 8' x 8' ft | Acrylic on Canvas | 2013
Mystic Woman | 4' x 5' | Acrylic on Canvas | 2013
Biden Harris Campaign Mural by Art Codes Artist, Jonathan D. | 2020
Families Belong Together Campaign Mural | 2020
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