Liliette Ferro

Entangled in my thoughts; creating worlds and stories in order to cope with the reality around me. This translated itself throughout my life, and is now an encompassing theme when developing my work. Within my work I use several types of imagery and the circular composition to produce symbolic and nostalgic connections for the viewer.

One of the most prevalent is the presence of the portrait expressing the primal connection to identify human faces, ambiguous expressions as well as tangled motifs and symbols are used to express how elements that we are introduced to stick within our subconscious shaping the perception of our conscious state.

The circular format further expresses the minds continuity and flexibility to cycle back or create future scenarios, as well as its ability to simultaneously encroach us within in a headspace.

Kite Constellations | 36 x 36 In | Oil on Wood | 2019
Treason | 22 x 22 In | Oil on Wood | 2019
Growing Pains | 22 x 22 In | Oil on Wood | 2019
Escape Artist | 36 x 36 In | Oil on Wood | 2019
Yasss Queens | 12 x 12 In | Oil on Wood | 2019
Classical Chisme | 5 x 4 ft | Oil on Wood | 2019.
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