Stefano Alcantara

Stefano Alcantera was born and raised in Lima, Peru. His education began with a degree inGraphic Design at the Peruvian Institute of Advertising. He also took painting classes and was influenced by comic books when he was a child. His love for drawing translated on various media, including airbrushing, colored pencils, charcoal, and acrylic and oil paint. He was introduced to the world of tattooing at the age of 18 by a tattoo magazine he found at a flea market in Peru. His fascination with the art turned into¬† career, and he opened up his own shop, Stefano’s Tattoo Studio in 1999 and is still in business to this day.

Stefano Alcantera today is a global household name in the tattoo world, however few have yet to discover his fine art. His artwork has a never ending level of depth, emotion, and realistic style. His greatest influence is his Great Grandfather, Jose Alcantera La Torre, whose style is inherently similar to his own. As with various forms of media, Stefano does not see art as a business. Tattooing allows him to make a permanent mark on someones skin and impact their life as a whole.

"Not a Fairy Tale" Oil on Wood 2020
Wisdom From the Pure Intensions Hand collection. Acrylic on Canvas | 7 ft x 4 ft | 2019
"Hercules" commissioned by Maluma Acrylic on Wood
Grace From the Purest Intensions Hand Acrylic on Canvas | 6 ft x 4 ft | 2019
"Resiliencia" Oil on Canvas 6' x 3' feet
Equals | 6ft x 3ft | Oil on wood | 2018
Equals | 3 x 6 ft | Oil on wood | 2018
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